plus Reservation Fee and Payment
The room price you see is a total price that you will actually pay, Tax & Services price HAS BEEN INCLUDED and there is no hidden cost. Even if there is additional fee, our system will notify you the detail automatically about -how much the total price is- before you proceed to pay.
KlikHotel accepts payment from credit card, internet banking, or ATM transfer on almost all Indonesian banks. When you input the data required for reservation process, and then you proceed to click "Continue Payment" button, our system will send an email for you. The email will contain the steps you need to pay with credit card or via transfer to klikHotel's account and confirmation link if to confirm your payment.
On several payment cases using credit card, we need additional document suc as, identity card copy sent by fax to proceeds the reservation. This case may happen when guest's name is different from account's holder; when bank recipient require the document; when reservation is deemed high value, or when our Fraud Protection System identify high risk transaction. For those cases, reservation process might not be able to proceed before we receive additional document. From time to time, we can also verify via telephone.
plus Room Reservation
Search and booking process via www.klikhotel.com can be done with only just 3 easy steps, those are: select hotel, select the room type, and payment. For more detailed information, click this.
You can book directly to the hotels but the price offered from them but the price from the hotels are generally higher than klikHotel's price.
Generally, hotels permit children to stay in the same room as their parent either with extra bed or not. Hotels' policy in general don't have extra charge for children whose age is below 12 year. Several hotels restrict the number of people that can stay, generally 2 adults and 1 child. If you decide to use the extra bed, hotel will charge extra for the extra bed. In this case, if breakfast has been included on room price, then the breakfast does not apply for children. Hotel usually will charge extra for the additional breakfast.
This depends on each hotels. Usually the listed price includes breakfast for 2 people. You are obliged to read carefully before you decide to proceeds the reservation. When you finish your reservation, you are deemed to have agreed all the policies owned by the hotel you booked.
Klikhotel operates confirmation reservation policy instantly. Most hotel rooms available on klikHotel can be reserved and confirmed instantly.
plus Change and Cancellation of Reservation
The only way to change reservation detail you have done is by cancelling and re-order your desired room.
Accommodation service provider has different cancellation on each room they offer. Some may be more flexible than others, and for some price or special offers may not be changed or cancelled after the order is confirmed. That's why you have to always check out cancellation pollicy for the room of your choice before making a reservation.
You will find cancellation policy for each room when you are choosing your room and on payment page.
When you have to cancel your booking, this is what you have to do :
  1. Check cancellation policy on klikHotel.com site or from confirmation email which is sent to you after payment confirmation, see whether they allow you to cancel or not.
  2. Please contact the Customer Service Center at 0878 8544 0022 on weekdays, prepare your voucher number beforehand. You can also cancel your booking from member page http://www.klikhotel.com/member. Go to menu "My Order", and click "Request Cancellation".
  3. We will guide you to finish cancellation proccess and any refund if available.

klikHotel will charge cancellation fee for each cancellation made, not including the penalty the hotel may impose on you.

Your absence at check-in will be handled as if you cancel your order and you will be penalized just like when you cancel your order.

plus Reservation Status
When we receive your payment, we will send an email containing voucher and booking invoice to your email.
Reservation deemed successful when you receive our email containing payment method and link to confirm payment.
plus Additional Request
klikHotel only provide hotel reservation service. However, shuttle may be provided by the hotel side. Please contact the respective hotel directly to ensure if the service is available.
On payment page, there is reservation form that you have to fill when you want to order, you can fill in additional request on "Additional Request". This request will be sent directly to the respective hotel. For the record, all additional request vary depending on their availability, and will be confirmed when you check-in.
plus About Klikhotel
klikHotel is a registered trademark under CV Anugerah Lestari Fajar Adhika Teknologi. Each of detailed part from situs klikHotel.com site has been registered officialy in Ministry of Law and Human Rights as copyright and patents owned by CV Anugerah Lestari Fajar Adhika Teknologi. Including business process and every choice methods that is used by users. Examples that we can provide easily is on klikHotel.com home-screen, methods about how users choose their city destination, to option for inputting certain keyword below city field, has been registered as Intellectual Property Rights(IPR). This applies to every part in every following screen.
klikHotel is a subsidiary of CV. Anugerah Lestari Fajar Adhika Teknologi (ALFA Teknologi), which is registered officialy as legal business entity according to provisions and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.
As a form of support for the services we provide, you can contact Klikhotel Customer Care during office hours (08:00 - 18:00) through various media, namely :
  1. Email to cs@klikhotel.com
  2. Phone us to +6287885440022
klikHotel office is at :
Taman Kopo Indah I Blok G No.12, Bandung
Jawa Barat, Indonesia - 40218